About the cattery

Hello, friends! My name is Alexandra. I am the owner of the cattery “Dolce Gatto”. It means “sweetie kitten” in Italian. I welcome you on the pages of our virtual home. My cattery is registered in the system World Cat Federation (WCF). It was created with a purpose of breeding of Scottish-straight, Scottish- Fold and their variations with longer fur: Highland-Fold (Scottish Fold longhair) and Highland-straight (Scottish Straight longhair). The cattery doesn’t have the commercial aim it is mostly a hobby and an endless love to the Scottish cats.

The history of our Cattery started in 2010, when we purchased our first cat – Scottish Straight Lord. This lovely cat, with unusually gentle and soft look, silky fur, and naive face immediately and unavertedly won hearts of our family. We fell in love with the cat and felinology in general.

Lord has amazing marble color (classic tabby) and as a result this color became the main color in our breeding program as well as variations with white color (bicolor, harlequin, van). These colors represent the breed the most effectively. In genealogy of our cats there are lines of breeders from United States, Canada and Europe, and also the leading breeders of Russia.

Cattery is closed and therefore we can guarantee the good health of the kittens!

Breeding program of my cattery is focused on producing healthy kittens of American type with excellent exhibition temperament, ideally close to the standards of the breed.

High level of attention is given to behavior and healthy nutrition. Main goal is not only breeding, but also full physical and psychological preparation of the kittens prior to arriving to their new loving owners, received complete course of vaccinations. Our kittens are used to daily noise, games and snuggling.

We follow the professional guidelines during the breed of the Scottish cats. It is based on the contemporary knowledge of genetics and veterinary.

Producers and also admirers of the Scottish breed consider the Fold to be e a Real wonder of the nature: soft fur, round contours of the face and body, widely open eyes with soft, sweet and childish look – isn’t it a wonder?! Besides, they are absolutely peaceful and balanced.

We provide consultations about raising, maintaining, feeding, and breeding and will answer all your questions!

We hope that you will share our happiness and love towards this amazing breed – Scottish Fold, and also by visiting our fairy tale world of “Dolce Gatto”. Receive only positive emotions and spend your time with pleasure and joy. Choose Your favorite kitten and come visit more often! We will always be happy to communicate with you!

Wish you Love and Peace in your home!